We’re here visiting from Southern California – and what a treat to find this little gem. This little shop is a dream come true for all of us who not only love our furry family members, but who also are dedicated to striving for their greatest possible physical and emotional health. Somebody was really thinking when this was so lovingly pulled together.

- Jeffery P.

What can I say about the store and its humans that hasn't been said? They are super awesome people who truly want their real clients (the pups and kitties!) to be happy. Not huge, but plenty of good stuff to choose from. We love it!

- Onyx M.

Incredible pet store. Super friendly people and great selection. Our Berners love to "shop" around the treat section.

- Caitlin E.

Love this doggie store! Clean, convenient and they always let me know when they have Figgy's favorite bully sticks.

- Jessica P.

Not only do they have great products, they also offer competitive prices. In fact, my dog food cheaper at Health Mutt than Amazon, amazing!

- David M.

Excellent neighborhood pet store. Great selection of high-quality food that you won't find elsewhere; reasonable prices with good loyalty deals; interesting toys and equipment; super friendly and helpful service. Infinitely better than the big pet stores- I really appreciate having this place just round the corner.

- Harry W.

Great foods at reasonable prices. Their accessories, toys, leashes, etc are all the really good quality stuff without the intermix of crappy brands they have at many other pet stores.

- Kelly S.

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